Everyone has two journeys to make through life.
There is the outer journey, with its variety of incidents and the milestones…
There is also an inner journey, a spiritual Odyssey, with a secret history of its own.

(William R. Inge 1869-1954 )

The Centre for Transpersonal Psychology is a network that has served as an independent meeting point and spiritual home for all those who have encountered the power of the transpersonal, both in their inner lives and in their everyday existence, and for those who are open to that experience. In times when the familiar certainties are crumbling, when chaos seems to have become the norm, and when life’s true purpose is receding in confusion The Centre has aimed to maintain, develop and disseminate the core values of their transpersonal approach, in which warmth, love and trust co-exist with clear thinking and creativity.

Our network honours the integrity of the work of Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers who pioneered the Transpersonal Perspective in Britain in the early 70’s. They developed an approach that was unique to them, drawing on their own personal studies and life experiences to enable others to make the transformational journey of self-discovery and the search for meaning.